Images of Borrelia DNA in
Alzheimer's Disease brain tissue- Including
Specific DNA probes for Borrelia Flagellin DNA
( A DNA sequence which is NOT present in the human
genome) which glows Green when it finds its Target
DNA in Alzheimer's brain tissue.
Also illustrated in this short video are the
concepts of TRANSSYNAPTIC transmission of infection in Rabies,and in Herpes Zoster/Shingles.
Infections INSIDE of a nerve cell are transmitted
Across Synapse connections to neighboring Nerve cells. Borrelia spirochetes gain access to the
interior regions of nerve cells and are also
capable of "JUMPING' across Synapses to infect
neighboring Nerve cells. Networks of Connected
nerve cells (NEURAL CIRCUITS) then become infected
by Trans-synaptic transmission. This "NETWORK" of
infected nerve cells in the brain explains the
PATTERN of Sequential destruction of Brain tissue
in the Braak Stages of Alzheimer's Disease through
the Braak stages I,II,III, IV, V , VI.
For more information please visit the
Molecular Alzheimer website at

Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Infection

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