What Happens When You Have Alzheimer’s Disease

This short video tells the story of Wendy Mitchell, who has been diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimers. Wendy describes first hand what happens, how she has learnt to live with the disease and how you can support loved ones that have been diagnosed. With 1 […]

Megan Falley – “In Fear Of My Mother Being Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s Disease”

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Younger-onset Alzheimer’s: The diagnosis (part 1 of 2)

I thought I could get away with avoiding my childhood … turns out, I can't. In this video, I discuss my mother's younger-onset (early-onset) Alzheimer's diagnosis and the moment I knew my life was changed forever. This is a two parter. Younger-onset Alzheimer's: The diagnosis […]

Tadhana: OFW maid has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease

Aired (November 11, 2017): Habang abala sa pagtatrabaho si Gina sa Singapore, unti-unti siyang nakakalimot sa mga bagay at ikinagulat niya nang malamang mayroon siyang Alzheimer’s disease. Watch ​‘Tadhana’ every Saturday on GMA​.​ ​Hosted by GMA’s Primetime Queen, Marian Rivera-Dantes. ————– Subscribe to the GMA […]

Alzheimer’s Disease & Hollywood: A Celebrity Reveals His Diagnosis

Hollywood is shedding light on Alzheimer's disease which has no cure, but is the sixth-leading cause of death. Find out the celebrity who recently revealed his Alzheimer's disease diagnosis and how he is doing now. Read More in our Alzheimer's Health Center: http://bit.ly/1HSUabM Julianne Moore: […]